We are an architecture studio that Define Future Spatial Interventions through Research for public, private and temporary spaces, in a variety of different forms and scales for objects, interiors, private houses, large residential projects, complex mixed-use projects, public buildings and urban strategies.


 “In each intervention the User helps to Define”

Each User is Unique. There is no standard solution. The key to research, analyze and Define possible Future Spatial Interventions is in its User(s).

The User Defines its needs for the utilization of space. Every project provides a custom-built solution for its User’s ambition, its feasibility and current and Future economic and social reality.

“Define future needs through Research of current contextual conditions.”

Our current society is in a state of flux. This instability undermines native defined purposes of present buildings. We Define a Framework in which Users can Define their own world, providing the possibility for Future Interventions to adapt, redefine, change and re-use.

Defining Structure for Users where divergent Spatial configurations and its adaptations and alterations are potential.

“Define with a Circular future in mind”

We Define Spatial Interventions, beyond the Definition and its realization, to meet the User’s ambitions, present and Future, in a context of practicality and economical and social reality.

Besides the architectural aspect, Circularity provides a larger social platform for a Spatial Intervention by creating awareness of a project’s larger context. By doing so neighborhood facilities, employment, life-cycle, waste management and modular design are just a few of many parameters that can contribute to the quality of life In cities, neighborhoods and its residents.