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we think beyond architecture

U/Define was founded in 2014 by architect Wesley Lanckriet. Today, the architectural studio is growing into a thriving international family, passionate about collaborating on bold, social architecture with a fierce and unique visionary approach for each project.


Theory and practice go hand in hand

Both partners are part of the academical community. Our studio resides in the buildings of the HOWEST University of Applied Sciences on the edge of the historical center of Bruges. There, architect-partner Robby Vandenhouwe teaches BIM and Architectural Design to students in Applied Architecture. BIM has been fully implemented in the daily routine of U/Define since four years.

Wesley Lanckriet is affiliated with the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) where he is actively engaged in research into change-oriented and future-proof building within a circular economy. Its research is tested in practice in the studio and applied where possible.


Dialogue for integral design

We work on an extensive range of sustainable and innovative assignments across Europe, with an extraordinary variation in size and program.

Combined with considerable proficiency from accomplished projects we enjoy working on an international platform in co-creation with clients, users, expert advisors, academical institutes, contractors and other architectural offices.


A laboratory for bold, social architecture

U / Define seeks to analyze current situations to define tomorrow’s needs. For the studio, the final spatial solution of a project is the result of the most optimal configuration of program components, flexibility and future-proof characteristics. Rational research to explore unexpected potential in the program and context of the assignment – we want to design buildings that not only function well, but also create extra added value for the users and their urban environment through their presence, materialization and shape.