Split Houses Split Houses

Brugge, Belgium 2005 - 2006

As a result of the urban regulations the volume reflects two simple houses. But what one would not suspect is that the interior division between houses is not a straight line, which in the end needed a smart answer how to use it instead of seeing it as an obstacle.

The Split/Houses in the center always have a dark part, where normally the darker spaces are placed or where skylights are used to resolve the light intensity. Because the clients wanted light in these zones, not through the classical roof solution but more connected with vistas from the center to the surroundings, we tried to disconnect spaces on the first floor.

By doing so we created views, voids and brought the daylight into the center of the two houses. In addition the separation between the spaces created an acoustical disconnection between the rooms dedicated for the parents and for the children.

The space created by this solution added quality to the houses in a first layer. The second layer was created by the play of openings in the façade which relate to the functions behind. For example in the kitchen one stands more than sitting in the dining area, this is translated in the positioning of the windows which always gives you views to the outside and brings in direct sunlight when needed.

The houses are blended in their surroundings, yet the façade gives a hint of the quality behind.

Project information

Private clients

Bruges, Belgium

Two houses

Gross floor area 300 m²


Design architect: U/Define architects
Images by U/Define architects