Veurne, Belgium, 20 August 2018


Living in itself, a reflection of the constantly evolving society. Analyzing the needs of today so that the lines of tomorrow can be set out. Contemporary and innovative living needs a broader field of research than the individual home. Mobility, the urban development, the neighbors, the neighborhood, … these are just some of the influential aspects. The life cycle of a home, the flexibility and its functionality.

It is our ambition to look further and therefore opt to realize an project with land-based housing in combination with multi-family dwellings. Shared green, both privately and publicly, to connect with the existing Rozebrug path and to focus on sustainable mobility, being car sharing and encouraging residents to use the sharespace together to organize various activities.

The project should not only form a cohesion for the residents themselves but can also form a reinforcement for the neighborhood.

Project information

Residential, landscape, masterplan


Private investor


2.120 m² BVO


feasability study