Zelzate, Belgium


DEC, Dredging International, Jan De Nul & Envisan


Offices, Warehouse


600 m²




Cameleon Architects

The office building Terranova is conceived as a two part building to fulfill the required energetic and usage ambition. The representative part of the building is facing the street while the storage and maintenance part of the building is facing the Terranova site which is used for the activities on site.

The building reflects the identities of the companies that are active on the site. Terranova is used as an identity in the building and forms the green point of reference in the building. Surrounding this point of reference we located all the representative spaces for the visitors and clients of the Terranova project. In these spaces the visitors are welcomed and informed about the project on the site.

The front of the building has the highpoint in which all the offices are located of the different companies. The highest point is a communal space with a lunch and meeting room overlooking the site and the green point of reference in the building. The first floor also has access to the green roof which can be used during summer time.