Our studio culture

diverse yet familiar

With a diverse social and cultural background, we establish a workplace atmosphere of straightforward open communication, in a flexible and informal environment, with high appreciation for a healthy work-life balance.


WE, not I.

Sharing knowledge is our way of improving quality of what we create. To encourage producing fresh ideas we regularly organise in-house workshops on trends and practice in architecture, technology and communication. We regularly invite other like-minded creatives, academics and technologists in our office to reflect on these current and future sustainable topics.


Architecture is Life.

Our goals in architecture reflect our goals in life: making the world more interesting, giving back something better, more social and perhaps bolder than what was expected. That ‘s what drives us.

We ‘re not merely an architectural office. We ‘re a team of people and we believe in partnerships to build reliable, sustainable relationships to become more than the sum of its parts.


Unique is personal.

We approach every project with a unique vision. U/Define cannot be tempted to use a fixed typology nor meaningless formalism or historicization. Our projects consider a tension between simple pragmatism and the poetic and social power of architecture and urban design. Rational instinct, combined with that surprise element that gives common sense an exiting glint.