Gent, Belgium


Alinso Group, part of Domo Investment Group


Parking, Offices, Renovation, Landscaping


6.748 m² (building)
935 m² (landscaping)
1.600 m² (parking)


Feasibility study


ABT Belgium, Boydens engineering

The Polytoren is a space for startups, innovative companies and driven businesses that form an inspiring community to work in.

The future tech campus is determined by re-using the existing building and its spatial qualities. The history of the site is translated in the way we strengthen the Polytoren with new spatial interventions.

The new vertical foyer connects all floors and common spaces. The people working there are stimulated to connect with one another and form a community. Events, lectures, workshops, presentations and network events will take place in the small building adjacent to the Polytoren. The two buildings will be connected by a new open entrance situation and can host different venues during the year.

The industrial heritage of the Polytoren is defined by simplicity, identity, flexibility and adaptability as added value. The top part of the Polytoren will be the new HQ for the Domo Investment Group. A new step in the future development of the group within a global stage.