De Warande

De Warande



Kortrijk, Belgium


Stad Kortrijk


Public, Leisure, Culture, Landscape


Main building 1180 m2
Animal park 258 m2




Denkbar, TECH3, Buro Groen

De Warande is a public park in Kortrijk. The park is used by the people of Kortrijk and various youth groups and organizations. The brief was to replace the existing multipurpose spaces, together with the development of a new animal park with the reconstruction and expansion of certain landscapes in the park.


Context-driven implantation expands and creates dynamic environment.


By repositioning the programmes from remaining plots to pivotal locations, the architecture can reorganise the circulation, create new links between existing functions and frame the type of landscapes.


The specific implantation of the animal shelter, multi-purpose building and playground equipment aims at an optimal interaction with the landscape, strengthening and integrating with the typologies of the landscape, an orientation-oriented approach and efficiently organised circulation.


The architecture stems from the context, the social ambitions, and the cultural background.


By reintroducing organisational, architectural and landscape strategies that work in the field, we create recognisability in the spatial solutions and social interventions for the Warande visitors. In this way we maintain anchoring in the wider context. By using the playfulness and adventurousness of the domain as parameters for the creation of the architecture, buildings are created that connect to these landscapes and add extra experience value to them.


Demolishing, building and rebuilding provide opportunities to rethink the existing structures, to make new links and to strengthen current qualities.


Unlike the last multi-purpose building, the new building should not be prominent at these locations but should focus on the landscape and not on the architecture as such.