De Ceder

De Ceder



Kessel, Belgium


Katholiek Onderwijs Bisdom Antwerpen Heli vzw


Education, Public, Landscape


Built Area 1873 m2
Landscape: 2041 m2


MORGEN Architectuur, Studie 10 ingenieursbureau

Renovating and expanding a primary school is not so much about a building, but about a socially relevant living environment, embedded in an existing, complex urban context.

The structure of the existing school building along the dead-end Torenvenstraat offers a good basis for the dimensions of the classes and for the connection to the playground. Better yet, the attic of the building turns out to be a functional space for the expansion of the program.

We graft the scale of the expansion and topping onto the scale of the square, district and school site. A continuation of the existing typology of the historic elongated school building, compact and delineated in appearance but integrated into the urban design whole.

We provide a light wooden structure on the existing carcass for additional classrooms. The new part on the public side of the site is ideal for the supporting rooms for management, care and teachers of De Ceder. This part therefore forms a new face for the surrounding neighbourhood and closely matches the new schoolyard at the front.

The extension of the school building and the renovation of the space around the parish hall is of such nature that, when stacked, there is an opportunity to connect the two buildings: a new covered outdoor space is created and a physical connection between the two stairwells on the first floor.

The space that is not occupied at ground level forms the new main entrance and offers space for two spacious climate playgrounds where sports and games can prevail.