SO House

SO House



Brugge, Belgium




Residential, Renovation, Extension


90 m² (renovation)
30 m² (extension)




COBE ingenieurs, Casquo


In a classical design process, materials are chosen in function of the design and custom made, delivered and processed on site. The client, a contractor in glass installation, asked U / Define to design a house extension with its surplus of unused glass plates. Such an unusual question provoked our interest – a small but challenging project where the client unwittingly cites circular design principles in his design question.

The contour of the building’s extension was determined by the dimensions of the glass plates. To use the glass in its original state and to add as little material as possible, we decided to design a simple wooden support structure for the glass plates that could also support the roof. The wooden vertical frame continues into the roof beams. Both were laid out on plan according to the glass modules. To highlight the honesty and simplicity in structure and use of materials, we show this structure visible in the interior.

Due to the depth of the wooden support structure, daylight changes at any time of the day, which lends the space a unique atmosphere. The ceiling is also finished with visible wooden plates, for horizontal stabilization and as a support structure for the insulation, the roof’s waterproofing and the extensive green roof.
Due to the simplicity of the construction, the thought-over element joints and the application of modular design, the construction can be disassembled and rebuilt.