Koksijde, Belgium


Municipality of Koksijde


Public, Leisure, Youth, Landscape




Cobe Ingenieurs, TECH3

The municipality of Koksijde assumes a tabula rasa in which three buildings of Scouts CASA have to make way for a new building with outdoor space for games and adventure.

Our climate-adaptive and design for change method starts from a thorough analysis of the existing patrimony and questions the location, demolition and budget support for the project.

The design study showed that retaining the existing building with a simple top-up is sufficient to accommodate all functional needs. We limit the physical impact on the site by using the existing footprint. We blend the building with the scale of surrounding buildings and make maximum use of the existing terrain to create an adventurous landscape. By landscape design we increase biodiversity by planting greenery (trees for shading, cooling and play) and propose new play elements using building elements of the other two dismantled buildings.

By using the existing building as platform for the new program, we will have more surface area than requested in the program, which we deploy on the ground floor as a new covered play area, so that outdoor space can be used for playing children even in less favorable weather conditions.