Veurne, Belgium


City Veurne


Public, Youth, Leisure, Landscape




Cobe Ingenieurs, TECH3

Because the site is bordered on three sides by built structures, we are committed to three propositions: avoiding a monotonous and generic volume in favour of user identity, preserving the fordability of the site and optimizing the perception perspective for youth activities.

The proposed building connects to the immediate context through its scale, shape and openings and connects to the surrounding green areas and access points. It functions as a gateway for the playground activities during the holiday periods, the youth organizations throughout the year and supports the adjacent athletics club with covered space and extra infrastructure.

The rooms for youth activities are stacked and connected to a covered outdoor area that can be reached in a playful way. The multi-purpose hall and the administrative areas will be positioned next to this. The hall is oriented towards the athletics track, while the youth rooms make more of a connection with the green play zone.

The structure of the building is conceived as a modular system in which the supporting structure is disconnected from the infill. In this way we can overcome the possible future scenarios if the program of the building were to change.

It will be an open house where meeting, experience and play are central.