STM House

STM House



Bruges, Belgium








Under construction


Cobe Ingenieurs, Struktuur, Studiebureau Verheaghe & Partners

ST-M House is the first private project that is fully demountable with minimal ecological footprint. The project is located in a wooded and water sensitive area. Taking these environmental and climate factors into account, the ambition was set to design the house water-conscious, placing everything on columns. The idea comes from swamp and flood areas in other countries where people work with houses on stilts. Here too, the project is placed 80 cm above ground level, much more than is necessary. Considering that our climate is changing rapidly, we expect extreme water level rises.

The project consists of a living and working area in which future scenarios have been considered from the start. Because the programme consists of a home and studio that are separated by a patio, both can function independently of each other. The studio can become a care home and the home can be disconnected from the care home. Whether this will be used in the future is not yet known, but by integrating this already there is the possibility that there would not be otherwise.

The site is surrounded by woodland, but the trees have been removed by the previous owner. To bring this back into balance, various trees are being planted again, using Bosteller, to increase biodiversity and strengthen the groundwater management.

In order to limit the impact of the building and to focus on a closed material loop, the building is constructed as a material bank and can be disassembled at the end of its life. To limit the CO2 in the project, only concrete is used to provide the individual foundation pads. On top of this, a steel frame with a fully bio-based wooden structure is placed and the structure remains visible as a finish.