M House

M House



Brugge, Belgium




Residential, Renovation, Heritage


264 m² (renovation + extension)




Studiebureau Wim Vermeulen, Kubiek

M-House combines heritage with modern family life.

With its confinements of keeping the existing façade the character of the building must be, for the largest part, kept intact.

Maintaining historical qualities and turning it into an modern family house are the focus points for the clients.

First step was to bring back the plan to 1922. Due to the low quality of the buildings attached in the back we could demolish them leaving us with a compact building volume and room to embrace the historical building with the new extension.

Embracing the historical building with the new program resolute in the ambition the clients have to renovate the building almost energy neutral.

Every change to the historical building is done with precision. In- and outside we have played with the contrast between old and new. When walking in the new part you feel and see the history.

The exterior of the historical building will be renovated while the new part will be cladded with a dark wooden façade to create a contrast with the white façade of the existing building. In this way the historical building will keep its quality and visibility which is asked by the heritage in Bruges.