De Parel

De Parel



Herzele, Belgium


De Parel + Woundcare Support


Healthcare, Residential, Extension


217 m² (extension)




Stabiliteitsbureau Slock, iGenia, Blommaert HVAC, Smederij Vandendooren, Tuinen Rottiers, Studio Timber

The assignment provided for the construction of a wound care center in a typical catalog house from the 1990s. The current practice has been extended over the years in several attached volumes, but they soon turned out to be insufficient. Urban Services of Herzele allowed to expand in the front garden, an unusual but not illogical decision. A new extension with 4 treatment rooms, a reception, technical storages and enough display surface for specific treatment products. On the first floor, an apartment could be provided with separate access from the outside. A refreshing new facade with a warm appearance along a busy highway.

A clear typological separation between existing and new became necessary because the program fully filled the maximum urban volume. The challenge was to provide the necessary subtleties in volumetry, facade openings and materialization so that the massive volume could be fragmented to lend the architecture an inviting, quiet and secure character without lapsing into picturesque historicization of certain architectural styles.

The wound care center remained open during construction work. To maintain speed in the construction process, timber frame construction was applied for the main structure.