Psychiatric center Sint-Hiëronymus

Belgium, Sint-Niklaas, June 2017

In collaboration with tc plus we worked on the silence space for the psychiatric center in Sint-Niklaas. This former chapel was renovated to create a space which is intended to help people with their recovery process.

Within the chapel an additional volume was created as a layered and concealed space for the residents. A place where they feel save and can reflect on their lives. On both sides we created exterior spaces which are also closed off from their surroundings.

The chapel is cladded with thermowood which will change in colour over time. The interior volume is also build out of wood and mounted together on-site. In time it can be taken out and placed on another location.

This project shows that even a small chapel, which had outdone it’s original function, can be transformed.

Images by Luc Roymans

Project information

Silent space


Psychiatric center Sint-Hiëronymus


Building 80 m² BVO



Temporary collaboration

U/Define and TC plus