Belgium, 2015

In Flanders, the possibility to build your house on your own ground is getting slimmer every day. Because of the big diversity of the way we live in our houses we need to find new forms of living.

This design tries to formulate an answer for the different living conditions and community life. Flexibility plays a role in the quality of living, adaptability to the changing conditions of living from a young couple to different family compositions need to be possible.

Placing the structure on the exterior boundary and resting everything on the core defines a flexible ribbon for the inner organization of the apartments. In addition, the floor height is larger than classically foreseen in residential projects, thus defining a higher living quality and creating the possibility for the project to exchange functions in the future.

Extended living spaces are an answer to the lack of back gardens, these continuous ribbons of balconies form the exterior space of the apartments and define the special quality of the project. They are also adapted to the orientation of the sun, blocking on the south side and letting light in on the north side.

The landscape quality is defined in the way the buildings are positioned to one another. Vistas, sun impact and surrounding buildings are the main elements determining the positioning and height of the project. Rotating and shifting them brings forward a wide-open space in-between the buildings creating a communal exterior space for the residents and the surrounding neighborhoods.

Images by Moare

Project information







5 Apartment buildings with 80 units, communal spaces and garden with parking facilities


Building surface 13.272,7m²


Sketch design

Sustainability ambition