Le Toison d’Or

Le Toison d'Or Le Toison d'Or Le Toison d'Or

Brussels, Belgium, 2009 – 2015

Le Toison d’Or is a hybridization of a traditional building-block typology and a mixed-use development with a retail podium. Located on the Avenue de la Toison d’Or between two historical gates (the Porte Louise and the Port de Namur), the mixed-use complex integrates into the urban fabric of its surroundings, whilst simultaneously merging a retail and residential programme.

Le Toison d’Or contains 72 apartments (from 50 to 750 m2), 13,000 m2 of commercial space, a 1040 m2 crèche, 330 parking spaces and an elevated city garden of 2,950 m2.

In order to avoid the monolithic qualities common to block structures, the façade of Le Toison d’Or is broken up by means of variations in texture, depth and the repeating rhythm of a series of curved vertical frames. These frames serve to enclose the balconies of the apartments on the upper floors, whilst also facilitating the large display windows of the retail units.
In contrast to the vertical articulation of the street facade, the facades surrounding the elevated courtyard garden follow a horizontal arrangement. Here generously proportioned balconies provide a more tranquil experience of city life.

The apartments in Le Toison d’Or vary in size from small to large, enabling a varied demographic of city residents. To ensure high levels of daylight in the interiors, the floor to ceiling heights reach at least 2.7 meters in living areas. For the apartments situated along the Avenue de la Toison d’Or, this height increases to more than 3 meters. The open kitchens are placed central in the apartments. They articulate the central furniture element which holds all facilitating spaces that have no need for daylight. Organizational the central furniture piece provides a separation between the private and more public rooms in the apartment.

Le Toison d’Or has been developed with high standards of sustainability. Main features are the excellent thermic isolation of the façade (including triple glazing), a high standard of acoustic insulation, an inventive cogeneration installation system for both the apartments and the retail units and the use of glass-fiber reinforced concrete.

Project information
Retail, apartments, créche and underground parking

TD IMMO Invest bvba p/a Prowinko

Avenue de la Toison d’Or 25-29 Brussels, Belgium

Mixed use High-end Retail / Residential with
a crèche and public and private parking


Gross building surface 49.397m²

Building volume

87.000m³ (above groud), 110.000m³ (underground)

197.000m³ in total

Building site





© Jaspers-Eyers architects / © Eva Bloem


Local project leader realization phase for UNStudio

Wesley Lanckriet, U/Define architects, Bruges


Design architect

UNStudio, Amsterdam




Belgian architect

Jaspers-Eyers architects, Brussels (BE)

Structural Engineer 

ABCIS Van Wetter S.A., Brussels (BE)

Landscape architect

Lodewijk Baljon landschapsarchitecten, Amsterdam (NL)

Atelier Ruimtelijk Advies, Berchem (BE)


Techniplan adviseurs, Rotterdam (NL)

TDEC, Rumst (BE)

Building Physics and sustainability

DGMR, Arnhem (NL)

Cost calculation

Widnell Europe, Brussels (BE)

BBN adviseurs, Houten (NL)

Fire Safety

FPC Fire Protection Consultants, Antwerpen (BE)

Quality Control

SECO, Brussels (BE)

Main contractor

CFE NV – BPC Brabant, Watermaal-Bosvoorde (BE)