Belgium, 2015

HotOff is an amalgamation of a Hotel/Office leaving the possibility open to define its future intervention.

Reducing the noise impact of the highway, in the close proximity, and keeping the vistas from the city center towards the surrounding landscape open we defined a slim contour rising out of the site. HotOff is the result of reading the urban context and landscape and translating it into a design that inhabits the site carefully.

We defined the possibility for the client to find the best partner to either define Offices or a Hotel. Due to the overlapping functions between Hotel and Offices the choice to place either one of the two or combine them into the project is possible. Thus, creating more options then either limiting the possibilities for future use of the building.

In this phase, we defined the Hotel placing the most active part of the program on ground level pushing it towards the urban side of the project. The facilities for the Hotel, such as the spa&health center are pushed more towards the surrounding landscape and lake.

The multifunctional spaces for meetings and congresses are positioned between the rooms and the lobby. These spaces also access the terraces which can be used in-between meetings or to organize small venues.

The rooms are framed on the upper floors. By using the frame also as a structural component in the design we can provide a higher flexibility on the floors. The rooms are 40-45m² but are not limited to this size since we defined modules to increase or decrease the sizes according to the hotel owner.

What this design shows is that with a high flexibility and future orientated design you can provide an intervention that captures the eye. Providing different facilities for different users provides a wider acceptance of a design, not only for the tourist staying their but also for the citizens.

Images by Moare

Project information

Hotel, Offices, Landscaping
Hotel Design with 120 rooms, restaurant, spa&health, conference rooms and parking
Gross floor area 10.495 m²

Sketch design

Sustainability ambition