Lokeren, Belgium, 2017


The Groendreef landscape embodies a continuity of the adjacent park over the site onto the new neighbourhood. A car-free green rolling landscape for residents, visitors and passers-bye to stroll and relax. A resting point in the city, a transition towards the park. Groendreef is a neighbourhood where buildings are like pavilions meandering in the park.


The different houses are spread through the site in different typologies according to their location within the masterplan.

The different typologies are defined according to the planning regulations and react upon their direct surrounding. Their appearance, materialization is a reflection of the context and the presence of the historical Villa ter Dennen, Park ter Beuken, the academy of fine arts Ter Beuken and the Villa ter Beuken.

The two residential buildings, Plantana and Atropuna, are situated towards the Park ter Beuken and the Groendreef which has a more urban appearance. Both buildings are minimalistic in their appearance so to not compete with the grandeur of the Villa ter Dennen which is situated in-between the two buildings.

The houses of the Weverie are in line with the Villa’s along the Groendreef. The materials and specific colors are a reference to the villa’s while the roofs playfully shift along the pedestrian pads that meander through the site giving the houses their identity.

The 27 Spinnerie houses have a different appearance than the Weverie houses. They are placed in small groups of islands in the heart of the site. They are all-round, nor a front or a backside. Gardens fluently continue into the landscape while hard borders are replaced by soft green. The houses are defined as flexible units. The all-round orientation of the houses gives a certain flexibility for the new users as to define how they will life in their homes.

The houses are defined as modern day ruins, monochrome in their use of material, yet simple and creative in the way the Spinnerie typologies open up towards their neighborhood. With their green roofs, tilted facades and different heights they are one with the context and landscape.

Defining a car-free living area with a dominant place for bikes and pedestrians the mobility for cars is resolved underground and at the entrance of the site for visitors. This gives maximum space for kids to play, families to gather and create a close feel of community.

Once an industrial site Groendreef is now a green long within the city of Lokeren.

Images by Moare

Project information

Masterplan, landscape, residential, office, renovation, heritage


City of Lokeren


Groendreef, Lokeren


Redevelopment of an industrial site towards a new community


Building surface 15.315m²

Building site 19.500m²


Competition design

Sustainability ambition