Private Practice

Geraardsbergen, Belgium, 2016-2018

The ambition of the users is to have a modern Eye Clinic that can withstand the test of time.

How could we make this visible for the patients at the front of the building? Is there a possibility to guide patients visually? Could we make a clear distinction between the public waiting area and the consultation rooms? Is it possible to extend the clinic in the future to other parts of the existing building?

The new Eye Clinic is a combination of reusing an existing house and extending it with a new intervention in the back. The upper floors of the existing building is able to adapt to future changes within the Eye Clinic.

Together with the users we defined a few spatial interventions to make the clinic visible from the front, defining a separation between the consultation rooms and the front-office and reusing a large part of the existing building as back-office.

Because the existing building has a large drive through we made it possible for patients to see the entrance of the new Eye Clinic. By stretching the volume in the back we could define a patio which provided the necessary distinction between the more public part and the consultation rooms.

Because the patio is in glass there is a visible connection between the back and front office of the Eye Clinic. It brings indirect light into the waiting area making it comfortable for patients and staff.

The consultation rooms are pushed out as to create a visible link with the street. Together with the roof we create a covered entrance zone next to the patio. The patio forms a resting point in the centre of the Eye Clinic, not only for the patients that are waiting, but also for the doctors and staff working there.

The consultation rooms are slightly in an angle this to have no direct sunlight on the façade. For most of the day these rooms are dark so the necessary tests can be undertaken by the doctors.

With the materials chosen for the new Eye Clinic we defined a distinct contrast. It helps the patients to visually see the new intervention and guides them towards the entrance of the new Eye Clinic.

Project information

Private practice, Medical, Offices, Renovation
Renovation two mansions into an private eye clinic.
Gross floor area 245 m²

Under Construction 



Structural engineer

Installations, building physics and sustainability

Boydens Engineering


General contractor

Studio Timber

Contractor HVAC

All Technics