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Diversity Living in itself, a reflection of the constantly evolving society. Analyzing the needs of today so that the lines of tomorrow can be set out. Contemporary and innovative living needs a broader field of research than the individual home. Mobility, the urban development, the […]


Simple and logical structure, free to adapt to the needs and wishes of the users. When defining a row house the danger exist to only use the boundaries that are given, this leading towards a separation of spaces within the house leaving out any form […]


CONTEMPORARY LANDSCAPE The Groendreef landscape embodies a continuity of the adjacent park over the site onto the new neighbourhood. A car-free green rolling landscape for residents, visitors and passers-bye to stroll and relax. A resting point in the city, a transition towards the park. Groendreef […]


The project responds to the historical qualities of the old Flower Mill and how it was formerly positioned in its context. The original masterplan did not take these qualities into account and ensured that the historic building was subordinate to the future development. Our proposal […]


In Flanders, the possibility to build your house on your own ground is getting slimmer every day. Because of the big diversity of the way we live in our houses we need to find new forms of living. This design tries to formulate an answer […]



M-House combines heritage with modern family life. With its confinements of keeping the existing façade the character of the building must be, for the largest part, kept intact. Maintaining historical qualities and turning it into an modern family house are the focus points for the […]

Le Toison d’Or

Le Toison d’Or is a hybridization of a traditional building-block typology and a mixed-use development with a retail podium. Located on the Avenue de la Toison d’Or between two historical gates (the Porte Louise and the Port de Namur), the mixed-use complex integrates into the […]

Split Houses


As a result of the urban regulations the volume reflects two simple houses. But what one would not suspect is that the interior division between houses is not a straight line, which in the end needed a smart answer how to use it instead of […]