Belgium, 2016

BAS is a small spatial intervention where we re-use an existing barn and convert it into a small event space.

We kept the existing structure of the barn and made an intervention by refurbishing the exterior facade. Using black wood for the facade we tried to keep the character of a Barn And Stable in balance with its surrounding landscape and the house of the client.

Keeping the existing structure made it possible to limit the space for the facilities and position them where they had limited impact on the flexibility of the space. Making it a freestanding structure the User is able to adjust the space in the future.

This making it possible to organize different events and connect the space with a vista towards the surrounding landscape.

The spatial intervention for BAS is limited but has kept its connection to its surroundings and still has the appearance of a Barn And Stable.

Project information
Leisure space, Renovation
Event space
Gross floor area 257 m²